Zoo Empire

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

So for a long time simulations were my go to game. Games by Sierra Entertainment and Maxis were bought solely on developer name back then, the all mighty city builder games like Caesar III, Zeus, and Pharaoh. That quickly morphed into other simulation games like original Zoo Tycoon, you know back in the early 2000s. This game came out in the same period of time, probably to be direct competition. A lot of people loved this game back then, so I have read, so a lot of the game today will be if you have the nostalgia factor for it our not.

Anyways, that love for Zoo Tycoon made me really excited to try Zoo Empire as I haven't played it all those years ago. And let me just be quick to the point here, it is not Zoo Tycoon. That doesn't make it bad, it is an alright game.

Things to be aware of, I run two monitors and they are 24" wide screens. There is no way to adjust the resolution on the game. This also makes moving around the screen clunky. I do have to use a combination of the arrow keys and mouse to get around. This isn't bad, but when you are using WASD, you are constantly hitting things and making other menus open. This can be frustrating.

Also, there seems to be a bug, when an animal escapes. I could never get the animal back into a pen once in the cage and the zookeepers would not feed any of the other animals because they were always trying to 'capture' an animal. I tried giving them the instruction to just feed animals and even set up two zoo keepers for each animal pen. Eventually, everything started dying off. It was very frustrating and I eventually gave up without making it to the three hour mark.

A Bunch of Stuck Deer

In terms of this game, I wouldn't recommend it unless you were someone that loved it back in the day and you just want a trip down memory lane. It was just never optimized for today's computers. I am sure there are more current zoo simulation games out there that are less buggy. Now I am off to find one!

Game: Zoo Empire

Developer: Enlight Software Limited

Publisher: Retroism

Initial Release Date: August 1, 2004

Review: Not Recommend

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