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Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Living in the Penthouse

Youtubers Life is a game I would usually never even try, but I owned because it was part of a bundle I received. While simulation games are probably one of my top favorite genres, what I considered the premise of the game to be was cheesy.

That said, I rather enjoyed it. Probably because there are a lot of elements that are similar to The Sims games that I spent countless hours playing for almost two decades if that hasn't dated me. *ugg*

Anyways, you start pretty much living with your mom, trying to balance school and doing your youtube videos. Your videos are based on one of a couple of interest you can pick from. I, of course, picked video games. You level up which makes you have the ability to make better games. You can even teach yourself courses to get better at editing your videos. Until you can automate, the making of the videos is like little mini-games that make puzzle pieces that you have to put together to make your videos. Power of your PC and the speed of your internet dictate how long it takes to render the video and upload it. You know you are old when you can still hear the dial-up modem sounds when you think about internet speeds.

As you become more successful, you can move up and out of your moms to better places, make more money, and keep getting better places. You can eventually hire people to help make videos for you and join companies of other video people. There is also a large social aspect to the game with other characters through going to events, movies, etc. Then there is also your followers you have to appease through social media posts and selfies. It is a lot of work. While you do have to eat and sleep, you do not have to worry about bathroom duties.

First time I started playing this, I ended up playing for 5 hours before I realized the time. I highly recommend this game to anyone that likes playing simulation style games that are similar to The Sims, but with a time management aspect to it. There is a lot to juggle and hidden humor.

Game: Youtubers Life

Developer: U-Play Online

Publisher: U-Play Online

Initial Release Date: May 18, 2016

Review: Highly Recommend

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