Updated: Dec 5, 2020

*Disclaimer* At the point of writing this, it is an early access game, subject to change when fully release.

When I started playing Volcanoids today, I forgot that it was an early access game. I remember telling myself I wasn’t going to do early access reviews, but this would now be my second one. Oops!

Anyways, Volanoids is a steampunk style game, which generally I probably would not have bat an eye at. Nevertheless, the drill machine looked really neat in the picture when it was on sale for 20% off.

Being new to the game, I did go the easy route to get my tutorial. The tutorial gives you specific instructions on what to do for every step. Eventually, you get this ‘you finished the tutorial’ prompt. Though, the gameplay of the quests is still guiding you through every step with normal gameplay. I can see where this could be annoying to always have step-by-step instructions, but I did not mind it. I am rather skilled at ignoring quest markers and quest logs on the right side of the screen from all my years in MMOs. I do what I want!

The story is that you live on this magnificent island of abundance until things start going crazy and eventually turning into a wasteland from volcano eruptions. Everyone that could escape the island. Sometime later, you go back to your island to try and find out what has happened to learn of these robotic creatures, and drill machines are what seems to be the culprit. So, you do what any reasonable person would do and steal one of their drill machines, learn their technology, and fight back! Your drill machine is highly customizable throughout this process. As you research those little metal goblin’s technology, you can expand and customize your drill machine with even cooler features. Of course, all of this also needs materials that you must gather either with your drill or by hand.

Hanging out on level 2

And when not fighting the wannabe Bender and getting materials, you must avoid the regularly erupting volcano by being underground when it goes off. I made the mistake of not doing that once with my drill and being in the submarine, needless to say, the drill did not make it. I had to start over.

Once I got started and the hang of things, time went by fast. I took a break and then realized that almost five hours have passed and there is still plenty left to do in the game. Now, I do think if you are someone that just goes straight through the story, you may be able to finish the game in that amount of time. Still, I like adventuring around, building everything I can in my mobile base, and try and research everything available before I move to the next level or layer of the game.

Overall, even being early access, I do think this is a good game. The developers still seem really engaged with regular updates as of writing this blog, so I think it will only get better with time.

Game: Volcanoids

Developer: Volcanoid

Publisher: Volcanoid

Initial Release Date: January 29, 2019

Review: Recommend

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