Two Point Hospital

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Sickness is showing its ugly head in my house, so it slowed down my vacation plans for a nice winter break and gaming. I still got some time today to play another management simulation, but this time was a crazy hospital sim called Two Point Hospital. Why not play with sickness if that's what I am dealing with around the house?

Two Point Hospital is a very humorous look at treating patients, keeping staff happy, and of course, making money. I played a hospital simulation game a decade ago now called Theme Hospital, so I was kind of excited to try this one. I was not let down with several quality features I have enjoyed.

The hospital radio kept things interesting throughout my gameplay. The music itself was kind of meh, but the announcements were funny and different enough to keep it interesting. I do not recall reports really being repeated, but you could get the same radio hosts talking about various topics. Each host has his or her own personality and very enjoyable to keep the time passing by.

Its a "Pandemic"

The diseases are very funny. I love the play on words from real issues. One example would be lightheaded, but in this case, your head is an actual lightbulb. You have the bulb taken off a new head generated and attached. I experienced my first death in this process. Another would be Pandemic, where there is a head stuck on someone’s head. You take a giant magnet to remove it. Not every disease is found in every hospital.

Like most simulations, there is a progression in your career, and this is going to new hospitals that open in other towns in Two Point County. What is odd to me here is the fact you generally don’t start with anything. The narrative seems to imply you are taking over a building, so why is it empty? Overall, not a problem since whatever was there would probably not be to my liking, so I would have to take it out and start over.

When building a room, you have standard items to add. Still, you can unlock more using a different currency you get in the game for getting higher star ratings on your hospital, completing quests, and having VIPs come and tour your facility, leaving a positive rating. The new unlock can help rooms be more efficient or satisfy a need like hunger, thirst, or boredom. Some are just for aesthetics to make your hospital prettier and have better prestige. All of this is geared towards patents and staff.

One of the things I loved about building a room is you can copy it. This is helpful when you need more of something like a diagnostics room. What I wish I could do is save those templates for other hospitals when I move on. But overall, this is my only real change that stood out during my gameplay.

Massive expansion, so time to move rooms around.

Then there is training for your staff. Each staff member has a limited number of training spots, and when they are hired, they may or may not already have some filled. Staff kinds are simple and easy to understand; doctor, nurse, assistant, and janitor. I only got to the training near the end of my three-hour journey before writing my opinion piece, so I can’t really say how much more efficient a person is with the training. I just found that it makes it easier to have staff members cover other areas while someone goes on break. By the end of that hospital, I just needed up with so many of each staff type I was surprised I was making money even with training them. People sure get sick a lot.

After playing it, would I repurchase it? For sure. I have seen it on sale several times already so it should be easy to pick up and enjoy! A bonus was the learning curve that was straightforward, so it is a relaxing and quick game to jump right into, and sometimes you need a fun game without a lot of fuss to make the time go by.

Game: Two Point Hospital

Developer: Two Point Studios

Publishers: SEGA

Initial Release Date: August 30, 2018

Knowing what I know now, would I repurchase it? Yup

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