Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

So, apparently, when I said, "Wow, so that was kind of a long hiatus from the blog!" after my last blog post, the new hiatus was like, "Ope, hold my beer". It wasn't that I was not gaming as much as I have just been back to playing World of Warcraft (WoW). One of those games that come and goes in my life rather often, but honestly, it has always been the best MMO when I get the roleplaying itch. I will do a different blog for that some other time. Today, I sat down and played Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt. We are right before expansion release in WoW and already did all my pre-patch stuff so I figured a nice city builder to kill time would be good. And it was good. The game is based on starting with a small medieval village a growing it into a major metropolis. There are your typical supply chain steps for turning wheat into the bread you see in many games, but I also felt it was a little more challenging in keeping things balanced. The tutorial was maybe too long; but it gives you the basics of the games, but if your adventure around, you can do more than what the quests are asking as you move along. It should have been smart enough to keep what I had in place and carried me along.

At one point, I did start the tutorial over, as I got distracted with something else and was only a few steps into it. One thing that the tutorial did remember was my research. So my research level could outpace the tutorial, but it can't remember what buildings I placed where? Odd to me.

The graphics were sufficient for the type of game, and the music was not utterly obnoxious like a lot of games. I did have to turn it down as the loading screens were insanely loud. I liked that they also had a right-click menu on buildings to quickly do some activities for the building like repair. Otherwise, way too many clicks to get something done. A pause button would have also been nice since they had slow had hyper (x5) as your speed options.

One thing that annoyed me was that DLC items were in the build menu without having the DLC. I get it, the company wants you to buy the expansion, and it did hit my wishlist for when it is on sale, but the in your face approach was annoying.

Now I did get this as part of my monthly Humble Choice package, so I didn't 'technically' pay for it, but I would buy it on sale since I do enjoy these games, generally speaking. Great time waster, but one thing I would disagree with on the Steam reviews is that it is similar to the old Impression (Sierra) Games. No. Sorry. This will not replace those games or come close.

Game: Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt

Developer: HandyGames

Publishers: HandyGames

Initial Release Date: February 26, 2019

Knowing what I know now, would I repurchase it? Yes

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