The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Sorry about my unannounced hiatus from new game blog posts. Something has happened that I did not expect but could not stop from consuming me. Currently, for 58 hours and will continue to do so, not in a row mind you. I discovered Witcher 3 in my inventory of games. I could write a ridiculously long blog on all the fantastic things, but I will not. I will cut to the end but then fill in some middle stuff.

Would I repurchase this? Yes, a million times, yes.

Basic Wolf Gear Set

Witcher 3 is an open-world RPG game where your choices can affect the world around you. And it is a vast, vibrant world that has all walks of life in it. You are a creation designed to hunt and kill monsters in the world. Yet you are led on this quest to find a child of prophecy and protect her from those that wish to use her powers against the world.

But the world needs a hero for a lot of other needs, and if you are like me, you cannot turn them down. Side quests? What side quests? This is your life. Your world. Your adventure. Live it. Explore it. Loot everything, destroy what you must, preserve what you can, and leave no witnesses for what you can’t. Even after almost 60 hours, I feel like I have so much left to explore in the world, and I haven’t yet finished the main storyline. I can’t, too many things need my attention. I haven’t felt this enthralled with a game since the 100s of hours I put into Skyrim.

There are a few things I would change about the game, but they have done little to distract me from dreaming about the game (literally) and thinking about it while sitting in the office waiting until the end of the day.

So, first, I hate there is no hover-over tooltips or explanations on certain things like gear, materials, etc. It would be nice to know if I break down an item once, to have a tooltip to remind me in the future of what I discovered. Also, when first learning Gwent, having hover overs for the different symbols on the cards to understand it. Gwent still thwarts me regularly, but I will master it…someday.

Being able to preview things would be nice. I am vane. I want to look good. Please show me what that haircut would look like before purchase it. Or what about that new piece of armor? There are a lot of hot women I must keep the attention of, so I need to be looking my best while covered in dead monster residue.

ETA: I learned after I posted this that you can 'try on' gear in your inventory window without actually wearing it. Like if the level is too high. So there is a preview functionality. I guess all those years of gaming and seeing big Red X on something just trained me to not even try it.

Now maybe it is just me, but the more time I spend with Yen, while hot, she is a witch with a capital B. I wouldn’t mind telling her to take a long walk off a short pier after some of her choices. I get that some things can’t be helped to progress the story, but I am just chaotic good by nature, and she rubs me the wrong way.

So, I will repeat it, this is an excellent game if you are into RPGs with rich stories, open world, and amazing graphics. I don’t know when I will get my next 3-hour stint in for another game, because there is still a lot of life in this game that I can’t put down. Follow me on Twitter as I will probably give more updates there.

Game: The Witcher 3

Developer: CD Projekt Red

Publishers: CD Projekt Red

Initial Release Date: May 18, 2015

Knowing what I know now, would I repurchase it? YES!!

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