Slay the Spire

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Slay the Spire is a deck builder card game like the popular Hearthstone or Magic that I received with one of my monthly Humble Bundles. I do not care for the deck builder card games. I am just not good at picking the right cards to build the ‘best deck’, and I am entirely too lazy to research the deck builds. Then I hate trying to collect the rare and powerful cards. RNG and I are not the best of friends so anything that takes farming is generally a turn off.

That said…

This game changes all of those feelings because of the rogue-like feature of dying means you start over. You are back to a basic deck and you must rebuild it.

The path you take to build the deck is different every time with random encounters from fighting mobs, mini-bosses, zone boss, or just random event where you must choose your answer.

Multiple choices on where to start from.

Answers can be fully positive, positive with negative, or unknown. There are also areas where you can rest for health or upgrade your cards, and some merchants. Merchants let you buy relics, potions, or cards for your journey. Beating a battle will also give you some gold, potions, and choice of a card for your deck.

You start with one type of class and can unlock two more as you gain points from your adventure that gets calculated upon death. But the fact that you start fresh each time is appealing to me because it allows you gradually learn new tactics and advance your character further with each attempt.

I would say that I appreciate the graphics for this game. I like the art style. It is a pretty game, and the mobs while pretty typical, like slime or thieves, the graphics are nicer to give them a unique style just for this game.

Battle Round

I figured I would suffer through three hours of this game to get the blog post, but the time flew by. I will be keeping this game installed and playing more. Maybe it will be a good game to learn to love other deck builder card games in the future. I really recommend this to anyone, if you like this style game or not, give it a chance to change your mind like it changed mine. Game: Slay the Spire

Developer: Mega Crit Games

Publisher: Mega Crit Games

Initial Release Date: January 23, 2019

Review: Recommend

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