Rise of Industry

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

ROI, Return on Investment… I mean, Rise of Industry is a resource management economy strategy and simulation game. You are put to the task of growing your business by controlling the vertical integration supply chain to meet the demands of your local town and build it from there. This will eventually lead to expanding to other cities.

I highly recommend starting out playing the tutorial, even if you are familiar with these style games. The tutorial does a great job of getting you started with the basics. It gets you familiar with starting businesses as well as how the technology tree and research works. Everything is a very high level in the tutorial. Do not let that fool you because, after hours of gameplay, I was still finding neat nuances that make the game more in-depth and complex. The only thing I would change is I wish there were a way to continue playing the tutorial world after you finish it.

After you complete the tutorial, you can play a career game or scenario, and I chose to start a career. Careers do let you change up the difficulty level and map qualities to it. There are also some other fun tweaks like where naming conventions originate and if your vehicles drive on the right or left side of the road. I always like it when you find little things like that in a game. It is inconsequential in the grand scheme, but it is things like that which make me think of the person behind the code, not just the game. Anyways, you do get a little guide, like the tutorial. I started. I started with the basics of what the tutorial taught. After my second get out of bankruptcy loan, I realized I made some critical mistakes that I should have known better.

· Placement: When placing your buildings, consider future expansions. Like with farms, will you have additional land for more fields once you unlock them?

· Transit: Roads are excellent, rails are better. Make sure to leave space for future railways. I didn’t play on a map that needed ships, and by the time I unlocked zeppelins, I had a smooth-running organization that they seemed to not really be required.

· Plan Twice, Buy Once: Do not just go balls out, making a bunch of supply chains. Focus on a few things to meet the demands of your town before expanding.

So, I ended up bankrupt and started over, taking into consideration my lessons learned. I ended up on a new map seed, and I did get the short end of the stick with mineral deposits. Therefore, to make money, I focused on rural businesses, farming, and livestock. It did well for me to get started with my town and build up some capital.

However, it wasn’t going to really take me very far, so I needed more raw goods. The most straightforward answer was taking over another company. This got me some already set up supply chains into some light industry. I had to clean up the mess with their warehouses, or lack thereof, but I got things taken care of quickly. Thanks, pause button!

My Metropolis

Now is where things suddenly got interesting, which the tutorial doesn’t tell you. Your towns grow, and as they grow, you can pick what new type of shop ends up in your growing metro. Given the choices, I chose a liquor store and set up a whole liquor production area right outside of town. Money started really taking off. Who knew that even video games have lushes in them?

No Microbrewery Here, Going Big

Before I know it, not only did I pass my three-hour mark, I was at five hours of gameplay that seemed to go by in a blink. Considering I got this game on sale, because that is how I roll, I would say I got an excellent return on investment for this game. I would recommend it to anyone that loves resource management strategy games. The 2130 expansion has now hit my Steam wishlist for when it goes on sale as I am excited to try the next installment.

Game: Rise of Industry

Developer: Dapper Penguin Studios

Publisher: Kasedo Games

Initial Release Date: May 2, 2019

Review: Recommend

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