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Paradigm is a point and click style adventure game set in some weird future in an Eastern European area. You are this strange mutant human named Paradigm to make some sweet beats but can’t until your computer is fixed, which also is controls the power plant that will likely destroy the area. That is totally secondary to the goal of making your EP to become rich and famous as an electronic musician finally.

Paradigm visiting space cadet.
Paradigm and Space Cadet

I really have no idea how I ended up with this game. Glancing at the first images you see when you view the game in Steam is just something I would typically pass by. Must have been one of my swanky Humble Monthly game packages. Now that I have it, I do have to play it. Thank you, self, for coming up with this blog project. What an awesome hidden gem!

Like with any point and click adventure game, you must solve puzzles, and this one is no different. Some are very easy, and some take a little bit. What does make this game stand apart is how freaking hilarious it is! The humor starts right when you begin the game. It makes fun of some pop culture references of like the 1980 and 90s as well as the game genre itself. It is the first game where I really want to go through every chat prompt to see what is said next.

Floppy Disk Menu
Game Menu Sets the Stage

The other thing I really enjoyed was the different voice acting. The developer does a lot of the voice-overs himself. Whether it is a hilarious knockoff of an accent or the real deal, it really adds depth to the game to have so many different ones in one small area. It also gives more life to the character you are speaking to, like the computer John 3000 that reads vinyl records. If I live to see a world of actual computer AI, I hope they have accents and don’t just sound like a robot. That is just me.

Playing the game through Steam, like I play most of my games, there are plenty of hidden achievements. I am sure there are guides to help you find them if you want to speed up the process, but I love just clicking everything. I highly recommend clicking everything. Then click it a bunch more. It’s fun!

Back to the humor, I can’t get over the cleverness that is in this game. Click everything! There is so much stuff!

The game itself doesn’t take that long to get through, I completed it in my 3-hour playthrough, but I had actually to go back. I realized about midway through the game how much I must have missed by not clicking on everything. Get the theme yet? There were more hidden gems so utterly worth it.

The only disclaimer I have about this game is some of the language and topics. While utterly impressive in my book, I personally wouldn’t let my Kindergartner kid play it. A more mature game. Knowing what I know now about the game, I would absolutely repurchase this. It’s so funny!

Game: Paradigm

Developer: Jacob Jenerka

Publisher: Jacob Janerka

Initial Release Date: April 5, 2017

Knowing what I know now, would I repurchase it? For sure!

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