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After my last two Viking-esque games, I decided to write about another one in my collection. I have played this game in the past. But, I give it another few hours to continue with my goal of blogging about every game in my assortment.

Northgard is a realtime strategy game with a world and story-based Norse mythology, hence the Vikings. You control a clan to take over a newfound land. There are several different modes to play the game in. The story mode is what I spent my time on for this blog as it is actually new since the last time I played the game. I did get it initially in early access. There are also four new DLCs out that I do not own. I only have the base game at this point.

My first impression of the Story Mode is that it feels a lot like some other games I have played, like the old Age of Empires or Settlers 7. This gets me rather excited because I love those games.

First thing I love, the voice acting for the cinematic between chapters in the story mode. It only could have been better if, during the story, the dialog between the main characters was also voice acted.

You start out on a small plot of land. You must use scouts to explore more land and use resources to buy those new lands to expand your territory. Each parcel can only handle so many buildings, so you should plan accordingly for what you want to put on each. With money, you can improve the land to get a few more building spaces one time. Money, at the outset, is not easy to come by. Like most survival strategy games; housing, food, and wood are your top initial priorities when getting settled. This game also has seasons, so you will need to stock up to get through the cold winter. However, that doesn’t mean you can ignore money. You will need the funds for building upkeep. You can get this through trade as well as raiding. You are Vikings, after all. There is also lore to be gathered and fame. The lore allows you do to unlocks similar to a research tree. There are also blessings from the gods after so many open.

The music goes well with the game, and it is not overpowering. I could lose count on the games that I have to turn the music sound down on immediately. I did not have to do that with this game, so that is always a compliment. Plus, the songs rotate enough that you don’t get driven nuts by them.

The graphics are a top-down view on the map where you can click and see details on each of the territories. But when you zoom way in, there is a lot of detail on the buildings and the different people. Each person is assigned a task based on a structure he or she works at or is just a generic villager. The art on each is very distinguishable in the jobs. The AI on them seems well done. If you have a villager and plop down a building in the same area that needs to be built, it is smart enough to start working on it. If it is in a different piece of land, you will have to send someone there to work on it.

Healer, Villager, and Scout

Each clan is a different color and animal banner. Each has its own perks. The story will take you through some of them, but playing in other modes let you choose. It seems the DLCs are different clan types, but that is speculation on the DLC titles.

It was ironic I decided to start playing today, the developer released a patch which includes a winter festival for free. It is always admirable when developers still add to the game and don’t just nickel and dime players to death with the only DLC after doing their full release. This is a game, knowing what I know now, would buy again. It is a lot of fun to play if you like RTS games.

Game: Northgard

Developer: Shiro Games

Publisher: Shiro Games

Initial Release Date: March 7, 2018

Knowing what I know now, would I repurchase it? Absolutely. And I added the DLC to my wishlist.

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