Updated: Dec 5, 2020

There are a few things in life I don't particularly care to do. I am not a fan of eating meat off bones or having to do extensive research on a game to figure out how to play it. If the food is cooked, it should be easy to eat. I don't want to have to keep working at it. Same with a game. It has to at least make some basic sense with or without an in-game tutorial on what I am doing and why. Niffelheim is eating chicken off the bone. (So yeah, don't invite me over for wings.) I just do not get the game. It is a side scroller 2D game so not like you can get lost. But it seems to lack a purpose I can find. There are some 'tutorial' documents you can read, but basically, you go around crafting things and making your castle to ward off attacks. The tutorial says you are trying to find the portal to escape Neffelheim to get to Asgard because you are actually dead. Your soul was kidnapped along its way and dumped here.

I gave the game three hours, but it did take more than one sitting to just force myself to play that long. The controls are simple, the soundtrack is great, good looking for a 2D game. But I just don't get it.

Now the game does have some interesting features to it; like you have to eat. Many survival games do not have that, while many do. Based on the class you play, you may need to eat more often than others.

It does have a decently in-depth crafting system. You have to build the crafting workbenches, although there are some throughout the world, to get basic recipes. You upgrade the workbenches to get more complicated ones. Nothing unique there, but it is an element I like in games.

Another that I like, but not realistic for survival type games, is you can craft from your storage. Items do not need to be on your immediate person, which I am a fan of in a game like this while I get many do not. Lacks realism, but I hate running back and forth a million times.

So after my hours of running back and forth gathering, crafting, upgrading, and doing some quests from a deranged raven that can't seem to remember which name he told me the last time he asked me to do his bidding, I'm still no closer to understanding what I am doing.

There are so many other crafting survival games that just come more naturally fun to me, which I will be covering later in this blog. I can't get into Niffeleim game at all. I couldn't even recommend it. It does have a "Mostly Positive" review on Steam as of writing this, so some people must get it. So try it if you find it on sale, but this is one that will be getting uninstalled to collect virtual dust forever.

Game: Niffeleim

Developer: Ellada Games

Publisher: Ellada Games

Initial Release Date: September 26, 2018

Review: Not Recommended

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