Memory Lane: Part 1

So this past week World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic dropped. Of course, I had to try it out, so I reactivated my account a few weeks before to ensure I could reserve Persefani, the Paladin. Made her just as she was when I first created her back in November of 2006. I wasn't a long time vanilla player. Matter of fact, I wasn't even level-capped before Burning Crusades (BC) dropped the following January. But still, she was Vanilla. And while I will do a blog on my first 3 hours of that trip back in time with leveling her all over again, it had me thinking about where Persefani got her start. It was back in April of 2005 in a game called Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC). She was a little Celt Champion of Hibernia on the Percival server. I wasn't new to gaming, but I was new to MMOs and roleplaying. I got invited to play by a boyfriend at the time, cliche I know, and I had to pick an "RP name". My brain came up with Persefani. A play on the Greek goddess and my real life name.

You won't find Persefani these days in DAoC as after I was level 50 and doing pretty well in RvR, I got reported and was forced to change my name for breaking the "RP naming rules". Her name got changed to Graenada. Because apparently town names are appropriate names. Looking back now, I wish games today still enforced RP naming rules. The little things like that make a world of difference in how enjoyable a game can be.

But still, that little Celt Champion will always be Persefani to me and the name I would carry on through many other games to this day. I did get so hurt that her name was changed, I didn't really even play her again in DAoC. I then switched to playing a Frostalf Thane of Midgard on Guinevere Server named Ilsanona. To this day, I also play that name regularly in games as my alt.

The Original Sacred Fire Guild

Persefani was also where guild life started for Sacred Fire. It wouldn't be until WoW that the guild took shape and form, but we will cover that in another blog.

I think everyone that is an MMO player has a special place in their heart for their first one. To me, nothing will compare to DAoC, back when it was only under Mythic. When EA took over and after New New Frontiers was released in September of 2007 is when I stopped playing and ended up going to WoW.

Now for the sake of this blog, I did decide to dust off the old girls for some screenshots. The $15 was well worth it just to see them again, but I couldn't ever actually play them again. Plus it was nice since I lost all my old screenshots years ago when I lost a hard drive. It was crazy because even the client is still 2005 all over again. On the left is Persefani in her painfully farmed artifacts and on the right is Ilsanona.

Now going to WoW seemed like a logical move after what I thought was the death of DAoC (Thanks EA!). WoW was super popular by that time because it was South Park Episode, "Make Love, Not Warcraft" that got me to try the game. WoW was always to be a temporary stop as I waited for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning to release with high hopes and great anticipation. That is a whole other story.

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