Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Megaquarium is a tycoon management game for aquariums. You design display tanks, fill them with aquatic wildlife along with different items to make your fish happy like plants, rocks, and caves. It would be best if you also kept your guests happy. Happy guests mean more money to keep building along with ecology and science points for different kinds of research.

I almost felt terrible playing this game right after playing a sprint of time with Planet Zoo. I should really mix things up, so I do not go into a game with bias. Oh well, I already hit play.

Three hours later came rather fast, which is a good thing. That means I am having fun! And honestly, I was. The graphics are a little date, bu not really not bad. It was enjoyable running an aquarium! I loved all the different types of animals you could research, as it wasn’t always just fish. There are aquatic creatures like crustaceans, mollusks, corals, and more. Each level, which is more like gaining fame, did unlock more features for setting up your aquariums, but there was still a lot of research to be had.

As mentioned, there were ecology and science points. Ecology unlocks creatures, while science is the technology behind your tanks. Better pumps, filters, heaters, lights, and more. There are a lot of different tank types, like the standard square, ones built into walls, and deep ones. Depending on the size of the tank is the number of fish or size of fish.

Oh, and your fish grew over time, so that could be a problem if you don't plan ahead. Especially if they grow and decide the creatures smaller than it looks tasty. Some fish never get along, some are bullies, some like to eat everyone. Some want to be in a school. It is a challenge to balance the fish for unique tanks that aren’t just one fish type per aquarium every time because those are boring.

I think the first delightful surprise was when I came across cold-water fish. It’s easy to think of beautiful coral reefs and tropical paradise fish, but to consider the other zones was a nice touch.

I do sort of wish your fish would breed. Could be a nice way to make some extra cash with selling off the new fish or setting them free if they are endangered.

Guests get picker as time goes on. They don’t want to see the mechanics behind keeping fish alive, so you must put things behind the scenes. Just like at real aquariums. Then they want things for themselves like a place to go to the bathroom, sit down, and maybe something to eat or drink. Pretty standard stuff, but adds another layer to the gameplay.

The game is not hard, but it does take some time to grow your prestige and research items. This isn’t a problem as you can fast forward the game, and there seems to be plenty of tanks you can build while you wait.

There are a few things I wish I could change, like removing something. I wish I could hit the delete key over always having to use the bulldozer. Completely a first world problem there, but still would be excellent. ESC would also be helpful to close out screens instead of bringing up the menu first push. I know there is a “close all windows” button, but that is another click. I know, "sounds terrible", but my real job is all about minimizing clicks in CRM software, so it is always on my mind. These things are entirely minor, though, and knowing that, would I repurchase it? I would, it was a great winter sale purchase. Now back to the game because I want to get to sharks!

Oh, and bubble sounds. Music is nice and all, but for some reason I feel like I should get some bubble sounds when placing a filter or something. *shrug*

Game: Megaquarium

Developer: Twice Circled

Publisher: Twice Circled

Initial Release Date: September 13, 2018

Knowing what I know now, would I repurchase it? Happily!

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