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Meadow is pay to play MMO game that I came across after hearing about a Kickstarter project for a game called Book of Travels. After learning more about that game, it led me to learn about Meadow, an already completed project from the same developer Might and Delight. The game, Meadow, is described as “a forum in games’ clothing.” You play as an animal and can eventually unlock more animals to switch between.

So, I stick Meadow on my wishlist and wait for the next sale as I typically do. It didn’t take long, about a week, and Steam had the game on sale. I picked it up and got some time to play the last two evenings. There are four servers to choose from, but only one had any players on it in Europe. I do have great internet; thus, I had no issue playing on that server to hope to play with some other people.

I start the game, and you do not get any sort of tutorial. You start as a young badger. The movement was odd compared to other MMOs, so I had to adjust the settings by inverting the vertical access and unlock the camera so I could move it around freely. I start to run around and notice some shiny items in the distance, so I do what any gamer would do, go to it. It is a flower, and I collect it. Cool, I like collecting things. I continue to run around and find more plants to harvest.

After a little bit, I am greeted by some other players. Suddenly the uniqueness of the game shows its true colors, no chat. The jumping foxes (maybe wolves?) and a frog start jumping around me and spitting out emotes. I have no idea what they are asking. I just kept putting up the question mark and wished I had some way to scream, “I am new and have no idea what you are saying!” I just get frustrated. I don’t know what they want, clearly don’t know whatever cadence there would be with the emotes to form questions or statements. Eventually, I just panic and log out. After about 15 minutes, I log back in and find the map. The map does not show much but does show where other players are. I make a point to just go away from anyone and explore.

The world initially is magnificent and distinctive. You venture around and can go into different and distinct biomes and seasons. Each with a different color and pattern palette. And while it is excellent at first, I will say after a few hours the blend gets a little hard on the eyes.

So Many Patterns

The music was elegant and adjustable on frequency, but I found I didn’t want it on much because the ambient noise will change when you are close to gem type items. There are red, blue, and yellow ones, and collecting them allows you to unlock new emotes, fur patterns for your animal, and animals.

My Unlocked Skins

I spent hours just exploring and climbing the world. No area is off-limits with some time and tenacity. You seemed aptly rewarded with the rarest of the collectibles and finding the gems by climbing to high places, deep into caves, or out into the middle of swamps.

Through enough exploring, you will come to obelisks. There will be dots and sometimes animals on it. I realize that you need multiple people and even specific animals to trigger whatever these things do. I never got to see what one of them does. At any given time, I had maybe 10 players on the server, and I wandered far away. Now, maybe whatever the obelisk does or opens is pretty neat. However, the fact you always need to have multiple people to open it, and a server with almost no people on it. I think that the potential drop of awesome that is the obelisk wouldn’t be enough to keep my interest in the game.

I love what they did with the game on the surface, but it does seem to lack depth. I don’t think I could recommend this game in its current state and lack of people. But there is still something exciting about this game that leaves me anxious for their next project. It was a great introduction to the developer.

Game: Meadow

Developer: Might and Delight

Publisher: Might and Delight

Initial Release Date: October 26, 2016

Review: Not Recommend

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