Marble Age

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Marble age is a classic turn based strategy game set in the early Greek civilization. You are a tiny village that you must do the standard improvements through research and resource management. You start out with picking your city which is similar to picking a faction. Are uou going to be diplomatic or get your way through force? SPARTAAAAA!!!! You can also pick your difficulty and name your king which will be Leonidas, of course.

So normally I break these reviews down by hours to kind of give a progressive look. This game is essentially the same from the moment you start until you finish so there isn't a reason to break it down. I will say that I did give up on Leonidas pretty quickly as there isn't a tutorial when you pick Sparta over Athens. A nice pop-up warning tells you this so I went over to Athens to get the small tutorial and left my name Leonidas. Dude has been dead for a really long time so I doubt he will notice.

Anyways, if you like turn based games with resource management and minor strategy, you will like this game. However, the game loses its luster pretty quick after you beat. You have a number of objectives you can win and depending on how many turns you complete them in, is what level you 'win' at.

Armies are a good thing since many of those objectives are by beating other civilizations that want to take over your lands. I didn't find Sparta to be a good option here. I survived to get my Iron Award for living to 301 turns, but could have done better if I was able to grow a larger army. You are limited in size based on your research and what building you have built.

After you "win" at whichever level, and the game warns you when you have like 10 turns left, you can continue to play. I went just over double the amount of turns to see how the game progresses. It eventually just gets too hard to keep up with food and your population. I had all research done and all buildings built.

I liked the game, but I don't see myself playing it again. But for a cheap game, probably found for a couple bucks on sale, it is a good one to try out. You can even find it for your phone, if you like phone games. Nothing about the UI seems to stand out as being too hard to use on a smaller screen. As of writing this, it was only $1.99 on the Google Play store. Sorry folks, you won't catch me with an Apple device.

Game: Marble Age

Developer: Clarus Victoria

Publisher: Clarus Victoria

Initial Release Date: March 4, 2015

Review: Eh..why not.

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