Lethis: Path to Progress

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Lethis: Path to Progress is a city builder game set in a Victorian Steampunk era. It is beautiful and smart with its art and building types. The art is fantastic, and the animations on each building are different and creative.

Audrey II

My favorite building was probably the greenhouse because it reminded me of Little Shop of Horrors, “Feed me, Seymour.” However, that alone is not enough to keep me interested in the long run.

The resource management aspect of the game does come up with some unique ways to get the job done. Like using Fae Fairies to make Absinthe when you can’t grow barely because liquor is a requirement for any settlement. The supply chain for manufacturing is simple. The only unique part of the game is the use of steam and having to harvest, connect things with pipes and store it for working in other factories. However, it is supposed to be a city builder game, so that is okay.

Not steampunk without a hot air balloon.

The music is exciting and fits the theme.

But here is the issue I have with the game. I have been here before but with a different time period. I did this in Rome with Caesar 3. Did this in Greece with Zeus: Master of Olympus. I was there in Egypt with Pharaoh. Even in China for Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. Basically, if it had Sierra on the box, I probably owned that city builder and expansion. The only thing lacking the others had were religion and fire protection.

I don’t know if I am burnt out or what, but this game plays the same. Down to how easy it is to master the layout of a neighborhood to maximize your population.

Pretty Houses in Pretty Rows

Don’t get me wrong, if you never played those other games, there is probably plenty of enjoyment in this game. The game progresses as the in-game calendar moves forward with events that occur. New towns may spring up for trading or be cut off. As a result, the world is not a completely static world like some of the other city-builders.

One thing I found annoying throughout gameplay was that you cannot rotate the map, at least I couldn’t find a way. That was annoying since you really could not get enough of a see-through of other buildings when placing roads or trying to set down items in the mountains for mining operations.

In the end, here is the thing I couldn’t recommend this game without some conditions. One, you are not old enough to remember the good old Sierra games and/or you just really love steampunk art. You can still find those past games on GOG.com.

Game: Lethis: Path to Progress

Developer: Triskell Interactive

Publisher: Triskell Interactive

Initial Release Date: June 25, 2015

Review: Not Recommend

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