Legend of Grimrock

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Today I had the perfect setup, hours upon hours of no one in the house but me and nothing to do but play games. So, I sit down to look at my queue, and to be honest, I just wasn’t feeling any of them. I start scrolling through my list and come across Druidstone, read the brief synopsis on Steam, and see it is by the people that did Legend of Grimrock. I think to myself, “Hey, I have the game. I should try that first.” I head over to install it.

Now I know I have had this game in my inventory for a long time, but never played it. So, I look to see when I bought it. Folks, I have had this game since July 11, 2013. The game has six years of virtual dust on the box. I seriously have a problem with my game collecting. Well, time to rectify this, at least for Legends of Grimrock. Hit download and wait only a couple moments and hit play. This is a dungeon-crawling RPG, and typically one of my favorite games. Why have I not tried this before?

Anyway, the first mysterious thing that I noticed is someone could play this without a map. The game provides an option of going old school with some grid paper. So, pen and paper style with a digital twist. While super neat, I did not go this route.

Hit the character screen and immediately notice I must have a party of four people. Um… Okay, the truth is, I have had rear handed to me in two games recently. I stink at trying to guess on how to make a character with all these different kinds of stats, proficiency, and skills. I google some party builds and came across a video put on by Jeff Plays Everything titled Legend of Grimrock Best Party Build Character Creation. The video is nine minutes long, but I only skim through the first three minutes. It quickly gives you an overview of the different races, classes, stats, traits, and skills. Enough that I felt comfortable in making my motley crew of a minotaur fighter, human rouge, lizardman rogue, and insectoid mage.

I start the game and instantly hit with how cool of a story concept this is. If you have lived under a rock for the last half a decade like me and have not tried this game *spoiler alert*. The game starts with your four characters, all prisoners of some treasonous crime. Your crimes are forgiven on the top of this massive mountain, Grimrock. Then you are ceremoniously pushed into a pit at the top. If you escape, you are free men or women, but no one has ever escaped. If you sleep, there is someone else, still alive, in Grimrock that seems to imply he can get you out, if you can reach him in the lower levels. As you descend levels, things get harder and harder to fight. Still, your characters will skill up and become stronger and find forgotten weapons and armor by the poor saps that died before you. You will be able to increase your skills, but never change your traits so chose those traits wisely.

There are also plenty of puzzles to solve and hidden areas to open for some unique items. It wasn’t until about the third floor was I finally start to get into trouble. Spiders are horrible with their poison, and even with making the anti-venom potions, it is just never enough. Side note, super cool feature was when you use a flask for a potion after the elixir is gone, the bottle can be used again. I thought that was a nice touch.

That said, it was a room of spiders protecting their nasty eggs that finally lead to the end of my party’s attempt to escape Grimrock. Well, until I reloaded from a save point. Don’t judge me! I will also admit, I got stuck on my first puzzle shortly before the said room of spiders. I got so fed up, I finally looked up a guide. I jumped to where I needed to be, but glancing over the rest of the page, it is a very comprehensive list if you want to just have a walkthrough or for if you get stuck. I found it on Gampressure.com. Although at this rate, I am probably like the last person to ever try this game.

Summary, if you haven’t tried this game, seriously try it. It is a great game, and I have now added the second one to my wish list for the next sale. I have been really missing out. Back to the game! Game: Legend of Grimrock

Developer: Almost Human Games

Publisher: Almost Human Games

Initial Release Date: April 11, 2012

Review: Highly Recommend

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