Idol Hands

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

It has been a little bit since I had time to play a game for three hours, let alone blog about it. I did get some time this weekend to game, first up was that I tried Idol Hands. It really has sort of a play on words title; Idol because you are a god and Idle because nothing will get done without you giving initial direction. But wait, aren't they pronounced totally different? Maybe, but my Midwestern accent makes it sound the same when I say it.


Anyways, onto the game; as mentioned you are a god to these little blue creatures called "Furlings". Truthfully, I think they are a little creepy. They make me thing of some messed teddy bear that had to be resewn a few times from wear and tear.

But I digress, there are red furlings that worship the red god and you probably already guessed that those are the bad guys. You have to tell the furlings what to do for a job and then they do the rest, no real control. You can put down a totem to tell them to defend or attack, but not really what to attack. It is just a general area. The AI in the game is good. Not amazing, not bad. It is a cute casual game with basic strategy, nothing crazy detailed.

It does get repetitive as each level you have to basically start over in a new spot and grow a little bigger as you go through the tutorial learning a little more each round. You get god powers that take a certain amount of mana generated by the furling's belief. Some of the more aggressive powers like volcanoes are always fun.

Here is the thing, I like the game. I don't love the game. Many many years ago there was a game called Black and White. Back when I didn't despise and actually liked Electronic Arts. Yeah, we are talking that long ago! I played that game for hours, dusk til dawn and call into work played that game. Breaks my heart that it still isn't out digitally to play again. That was a god game to me. So whenever I come across these other god games, I just never get the same rush and enjoyment. It is like an MMO, nothing will ever compare to your first.

That said, Idol Hands is a cheap game when it is not on sale, and sales make it insane to not just give it a whirl. And kids can enjoy this one too.

Game: Idol Hands

Developer: Pocket Games, Fluid Games, GodSpeed Games

Publisher: Green Man Gaming Publishing

Initial Release Date: February 18, 2015

Review: Recommend

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