Grand Ages: Medieval

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Up Close on Sofia, and yes that is a double fish flag.

Grand Ages: Medieval is a game that is similar to many other ones. You grow your city, create new settlements, tie them together with trade, advance through the political ranks while researching new technologies. I played the campaign which was a good story. I admit I have not finished it by the time of writing this, but this is the Just Play 3 Hours blog.

Here is where things get tricky for me. I like the game! Now, the Steam reviews would have you think it is terrible. A lot of them compare to Grand Ages: Rome and consider this one subpar. Now I never played the other one, but I admit I added it to my wishlist for the next time it goes on sale. So just playing this game for the sake of this game, it is good. I think the graphics are nice, the soundtrack doesn't require muting, the trading and balancing of goods are challenging as well as rewarding. If you play your cards right, you can place new settlements in a way that allow you to have everything you ever need in a full supply chain. Or at least take over some town that you need. That way you can continue to horde money. Who doesn't like that?

As I mentioned in other blogs, I am more of the diplomatic type player. I don't like building huge armies to fight my way to the top. Mostly because it costs money. Money to build. Money to feed. Money to replace. Ugg. I rather have lots of it and buy my way out of trouble. This game was good for that, and where it wasn't, the campaign was quite clear on objectives so you could stockpile your miliary before you had to face a battle. But back to the money, this is more of an economy and trade simulation.

Now it does have all the typical other things these games have with the economy, trade, resources, research, advancement, blah blah blah. But not being original doesn't mean it is not good. If you like those types of games, you will like this game. And catching it on sale, it won't be too much out to have a game to play that gives a new story and a few hours. I wouldn't say I would put 100s in it, but this game will give at least 20+ hours of entertainment. Which would be pretty good for a cheaper game on sale.

Game: Grand Ages: Medieval

Developer: Gaming Minds Studios

Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital

Initial Release Date: September 25, 2015

Review: Recommend

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