To be fair, this game was something I put almost two dozen hours in, but it was a while ago. And to be fair, I said I would play every one of my games for at least three hours from my collection, which is growing faster than I can play them. But the sales are so good!

Now, Gnomoria has been abandoned by the developer. So, all issues with the game in its current state will remain. Now with the developer not working on this game and lack of tutorial, I do suggest checking out the wiki. It does help when trying to find where something would before crafting and what to be doing.

Even knowing that it is not a half-bad game if you are someone that is into the Minecraft style mining and crafting style of things. There is not a tutorial that I found so you really have to just play around.

One tip I will give is right-clicking for the menu of things to do. The right-click menu on the screen is a lot easier to navigate as the items are better grouped. Using the menu at the bottom of the screen felt like I had to dig a lot to find anything I wanted. Very frustrating.

So you have people that you can't really control but you can make work. The little gnomes, but more like dwarves, just move around and do the jobs that you have lined up. You can assign people to like workstations, but I found it was easy enough to just let them float around. The game will save at each new day, and there are seasons to the game. With this in mind, make sure to have enough food. There are also enemies to the game so make sure to make a secure place for them all to live. For this, I suggest digging into a mountain and make rooms. I like to make stockpile rooms and organize by classification of things. Just looks nice and I am a naturally organized person.

One thing that does surprise me is the cost of the game still seems high for a game that has been abandoned and does still have bugs. But, like all things, I suggest just catching it on sale if you like these digging and crafting style games with a sandbox village element. Game: Gnomoria (Steam Link)

Developer: Robotronic Games

Publishers: Robotronic Games

Initial Release Date: February 23, 2016

Knowing what I know now, would I repurchase it? Yes

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