Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Got my bone pick, time to find more Skellies!

Forager is a cute gathering, crafting, and survival game that is really geared towards anyone. I got to try the little trial during one of my Humble Bundles months ago and enjoyed it. So when it went on sale, I was quick to buy it.

You start with a little island and can grow from there. As you level, you increase your skills to other things in one of four categories; Industry, Economy, Foraging, and Magic.

Tip: Get to the point that you can "trash" your stuff for money quickly so you can buy more islands.

I really like to expand my empire!

Each island is unique in what you will find on it, but it opens up more areas to forage. Some will have buildings like a museum where you can turn in gathered stuff to complete collections or cool chests that you will have to build your key to get in.

With levels, comes additional types of materials to forager or things kill will appear. You will start to encounter monsters that become harder to kill. If you die, you are done. So be careful! But, still, it is very easy which is a nice change of pace.

One thing is there isn't a story, it is just a sandbox game. So if you need a story as a reason to play, this game won't be for you. Music is okay, and there is sound for everything. I will say that gets a little old so I turn the sound down some to listen to my own music.

Another really neat thing, is you get to see through a sort of comic the story of how the game came to be along with other things as you progress in the game, more tiles are unlocked. I thought it was a nice touch and provided a little more connection to the developer of the game. I have seen many series destroyed once big names got a hold of them; so it is nice to see a little guy get his time to shine.

Game: Cities XL 2012

Developer: HopFrog

Publisher: Humble Bundle

Initial Release Date: April 18, 2019

Review: Highly Recommended

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