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Evergarden is a potentially never-ending puzzle game, if you don't get bored. The logic is straightforward and methodical of combining plants with a limited number of turns. You get a free larger than primary plant whenever you complete a suggested pattern from the fox deer creature. You plant in empty spaces and grow with the turn. There isn't much of a tutorial, but it is very easy to pick up.

The game itself looks nice, is relaxing, and has a calm interesting soundtrack.

Combine, Plant, Grow, and Repeat

It is a effortless but repetitive cycle of combine, plant, grow, and repeat. You do this long enough, some critters can show up can block spots or eat your plants. I think it is the repetitiveness of this that gets old pretty quick. If you combine far enough, you get an obelisk that will reveal a triangle token of sorts. These tokens are used to progress the story.

If you never progress the story, you just keep playing the same pattern over and over with the hopes of getting a high score. However, I cannot see getting a super high score without making the obelisks. They seem to give like 2000 points each and a few extra turns. The downside is they take up space on the board that is rather small and limited, so plan your obelisks carefully.

Progressing the story will give you a song. You can use up to three different songs in your round once you obtain them. Each song does a different one-time skill, like give level up a plant or remove a critter. Now, to be fair, I was not trying very hard in the three hours I played. I did it while watching Letterkenny on Hulu as it was not interesting enough to hold my full attention. I like puzzle games, but this was just so repetitive that I could not get into it. Maybe you have to progress the story further to understand the point, but I did not get there.

I got mine in my Humble Bundle. When I first saw it in my list, I was super excited to try it. After playing it, if I didn't get it as part of the bundle, I don’t think I would pay for it. At the point of writing this, it is listed on Steam as $9.99, and I just think that is too steep. You could probably find a mobile phone game to be just as fun, if not more fun, for like $2.99 that makes it have not adds. I cannot recommend this game.

Game: Evergarden

Developer: Flippfly LLC

Publisher: Flippfly LLC

Initial Release Date: August 16, 2018

Review: Not Recommend

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