Do Not Feed the Monkeys

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Imagine a world where a person or Club could tap into all the surveillance cameras of the world. Allowing a group of people to watch your every moment. Where Big Brother is always watching. That is pretty much this game, except you are the one watching to peer into these strangers lives as part of the Club. Just don't interact with them. Do Not Feed the Monkeys.

As you progress through this game, you get more and more strangers to watch. Up to 25 at a time. You make notes on their lives to answer questions for the Club. Find out what the like, don't like, their deepest desires, or criminal backgrounds. You can even record some of the crazy stuff you witness to get on one of those 'shocking tv' type shows and see how your video does.

The real question is can you hold out not interfering?

I couldn't, I fed those monkeys! Maybe even got one accidentally killed, fed a drug addiction, or helped group searching for aliens. I mean, anything can happen when you don't follow the rules of the Club. Your actions can even lead to some gives showing up for you tiny one-room studio apartment in the form of trophies. All very cool, except for the doll. I do not like the doll.

When I Hit Max Screens

One thing I really liked about this game, is there is replayability to it. You don't always get the same subjects to watch, but of course, there is a limited number so you do get some repeats, but you can just do a different interaction or none at all. I have to give props to the developer on this for coming up with so many unique situations to observe and possibly interact with. The choice does matter in this game and multiple endings can happen.

Fair warning, if you are someone that struggles or has anxiety with having to do a lot of multitasking at once this game is not for you. If you are someone that likes the challenge of balancing everything and then more, you will enjoy that challenge in this game.

I recommend this game. Graphics are retro, but even at full price, this is a good game. But don't pay full price. Never pay full price for a game. Too many sales happen all the time to do that.

Now if that annoying landlady didn't keep wanting her money, forcing me to work, I could watch more of these monkeys at once. And why do I have to sleep and eat again! So time-consuming...just let me stalk!

Game: Do Not Feed the Monkeys

Developer: Fictiorama Studios

Publisher: Alawar Premium

Initial Release Date: October 23, 2018

Review: Recommended

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