Dawn of Man

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

My Settlement in the Iron Age

Do you like city builder games? Do you like games that progress through the ages? Did you love Age of Empires? Then you are going to like Dawn of Man. This is probably one of my favorite genres so I can be pretty picky but when I set out to play 3 hours and 9 go by, the game did something right for me. You have to do all the typical city builder survival stuff; hunt, gather, build, research, craft, and of course fight.

Now I have always been more of a defensive player, so this game is perfect because when there are attackers, they come to me. And if you don't have raiders, you have aggressive animals like wolves, or just animals that get really ticked off if you try to eat them like mammoths to contend with. But if that wasn't enough, we have the seasons and winter is brutal if you are not prepared.

You village will expand based on housing through people coming to join you, but you also get natural population growth. As you grow and advance, you becoming a greater target for raiders so you will have to increase your defenses. Unlike many games you can't really assign people tasks the same way. You have to just make sure there are the right tools for your people to grab and assign work areas. The AI on the people is well done. I am very happy with how everything gets done that needs to assuming I have the right population. Crafting is even smart because you can set "build until X" which helps in making sure you have enough for everyone to do whatever job needs to be done.

What else I like about this game is the accuracy in how the people would live and the animals and materials available at the time period you are playing. As you advance things change, animals go extinct. Buildings need to upgrade or even become somewhat irrelevant. Take note if you are someone that likes achievements. That particular kill may not be around forever. And before I forget, there is also a whole farming and ranching aspect to the game. They really seem to have thought of everything to life back in those prehistoric times up through the iron age.

And it is the iron age where you quit aging. And I am actually quite alright with this. So many games try to push you into an unknown future, I have seen very little that start at the Dawn of Man.

And while I am not a stickler on graphics, as long as they run smooth, I will say this game is beautiful from the way far out overview to the zoomed in to seeing your people up close and personal. I highly recommend this game to people that love city builders with a RTS aspect.

Game: Dawn of Man

Developer: Madruga Works

Publisher: Madruga Works

Initial Release Date: March 1, 2019

Review: Highly Recommend

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