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Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Craft the world is a mixture of a lot of significant game elements. It is a sandbox strategy and fortress builder with lots of gathering and crafting items. The world is open and vast if you dig down. You are controlling dwarves after all, and they are most at home within the earth and exploring all the riches to be had. That doesn’t mean it is without danger, the world is full of it, and it is worse at night.

The game has been out a while, but the developer continues to add DLC content with more features, quests, and functions. In full disclosure, this is a game I have played on and off for years. Yet, this blog is about playing each of my games and reviewing them. Please take it as you wish. I do own all the DLCs for it. This blog review is from having and using all the DLCs available. I listed them alphabetically below.

· Abandoned Mines

· Bosses & Monsters

· Grottoes

· Dig with Friends

· Sisters in Arms

· Temples of 4 Elements

I did start a new game for this 3-hour session going with a new campaign with all DLCs enabled. I started with the first small world. You have one dwarf and a home portal. To start, you must protect your entrance and keep your dwarf alive. You begin by giving orders to your dwarf to gather, construct, and/or defend as needed. Newer features let you prioritize your commands, but the Dwarves still have their artificial intelligence based on how hungry or tired he or she is. You can’t make them do anything, but you can suggest it and when they get to it, they get to it.

There was one!

Now within time (and levels), more dwarves will join him or her to continue growing your clan. Learning through your technology tree, building, and surviving until you can advance through the world is critical. There are regular monster attacks with each night, and then portal attacks that happen at timed intervals, which can be much harder to makes sure to arm your dwarves and giving them armor.

You can get attacked in the day from raiding goblins or some random bugs that are mad that they got knocked out of the tree, but none seem that bad…at first. Now what other creatures lurk below will be up to you to discover.

Over time, things get increasingly more difficult. I made the mistake of killing too many goblins. Not like I wasn’t warned, but I kept purging. Eventually, a goblin on a flying dragon shows up and starts burning my dwarves to a crisp. The battle and devastation are where I learned a lesson of making sure to have ranged and melee weapons. I thought I was good with just melee. After defeating the dragon, my dwarves were extremely weak. Figured I could rest before the next portal opened. Nope! Now the real battle begins, and I end up losing every one of my little Dwarves. And I loved my little guys and gals. They had names!

Then there was none.

*sigh* Time to start over, at least I got a shiny new achievement.


For being a 2D game, it is well done. Sometimes 2D worlds seem too flat, but this one still seems to have a lot of depth and space because of the amount of vertical space you have as you dig down or build up with your fortress. Overall, I enjoy the graphics. There are some magnificent elements within the DLC content.

Ultimately, I love this game. I think anyone that likes games with exploring, crafting, dwarves, and building could enjoy this game. The base game is great, but I do believe the DLCs are worth it if you can get everything on sale. There is a lot of great extra features to expand the game. Now back to try again!

Game: Craft the World

Developer: Dekovir Entertainment

Publisher: Black Maple Games

Initial Release Date: November 24, 2014

Review: Recommend

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