Cities XL 2012

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

So I have Cities XL 2012 which is no longer sold on Steam. The replacement is Cities XL Platinum. A quick Google search hasn't told me what the main difference is, so take these thoughts with a grain of salt since the gameplay could be different in Platinum.

So the SimCity series was one of the first games I played. So every single city builder game similar will always be compared to the original in my mind. I can't help it. This is also back when I first started buying things based on developers and I thought Maxis was this bee's knees.

Anyways, Cities XL is another SimCity that doesn't compare to the feeling of playing back in the early 90s, but still has some great features of its own and some bugs.

First things that are kind of neat is you can pick a starting area and each area has different resource quantities and attributes. The map does tell you when you go to start picking that you will build cities and then you can trade with other cities you build. You even get to pick the type of roads you have from say American style or Dutch and others. But this is also where things get annoying quickly. Moving around isn't intuitive like other games. Like why can't I use WASD to move around? Why does ESC not bring up the menu?

Also clicking is very particular to hit the 'right spot' for things like drop-down boxes. Probably not a big deal but any game that is super point and click, it should allow you to pick the box to get the drop-down, not the super tiny arrow next to the box. Someone with a smaller monitor would not enjoy this. Oh and once you click around to different city spots for a bit, they stop switching. The game has already irritated me and it was like 10 minutes.

As the game continued, not going to lie, it was so hard to focus on the game when things just seemed to be annoyingly buggy or oddly designed with laying down things like the road. I still can't get over that I can't use WASD to move, have to use the arrows. Now, if you can use the mouse on the edge of the screen, but not if you have dual monitors. I tried just going through the tutorial some but more than one screen just came up as junk instead of words. So I go back to my main city and just start using the built-in cheat codes to unlock all the buildings to see what it does. Frankly, the game is just poorly done. I will just stick with Game: Cities XL 2012

Developer: Focus Home Interactive

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Initial Release Date: October 20, 2011

Review: NOT Recommended

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