Cat Quest

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Cats Quest is an open-world RPG where you explore, kill monsters, quest, and follow storylines. Very similar to other RPGs with one cat-tastic difference, all the “people” of the game are cute cats of all different cuddly colors and types. You start as a weak warrior who learns he is dragonborn, and you set off to find your sister who has been kidnapped from an evil warlock. Along the way, you save many people in many towns and villages.

This is a game that can be played a keyboard or controller. And while I generally always prefer keyboard and mouse, I got annoyed quickly with this game with the keyboard and plugged in my controller. It was instantly better with the controller, and I never looked back.

The art is cute with the kitty theme. I found the monsters also to have a cute aspect to them as well, and each has various attack styles and abilities. This brings a little bit of a challenge when you first encounter the monsters if you do not have the proper level, gear, or spells yourself. The other aspect of the game that isn’t unique, per se, but I found it is the first time I really used it in a game is dodging. It is almost required in this game. You are not just going to power through fights at your above your level. As I said, dodging isn’t new, but generally, I play a tank-style character that takes the beating. This forced me into a little different playstyle, and that is always good.

Unlocking Spells

There are several spells to purchase in the game, and you must pay to level them up. You can have four spells in your arsenal at a time, and of course, they take mana. Mana is limited, but your pool can be increased slightly based on your armor of choice. Mana also doesn’t just refill, you must kill things to get mana. This is kind of nice as the game would be easy if you could non-stop AOE everything.

The difficulty of the game does go up at a gentle pace if you are doing the side quests. This game does not lend itself to just blazing through the main journey and be done. You will need the side quests to go level up at a decent speed. I suppose you could go grind monsters, but this isn’t a Korean MMO, so do the side quests.

Skull Helmet and Family Jewel Sword

I like how the armor and weapons were done in the game. While different styles modify specific attributes, like every other RPG out there, you don’t just get new gear to replace the old all the time. When you find the same piece as you already have, it levels the article up. When you go to the blacksmith, it is a random chest you must purchase and all luck of the draw on what you get. Some unique pieces can drop after specific kills that are fantastic looking, like the skull helmet.

Besides an open world to run around, there are a lot of caves and dungeons. These always seem to have chests, but sometimes there are golden chests that are locked and need a key. The keys are costly, so I haven’t opened on yet. I instead level up my magic.

I will say the dialog does get old after a couple of hours. Cat puns can only be handled for so long. I think this is the first game I am thankful for not having voice acting so I can click through the dialog. Plus, there is a lot of storylines with a lack of dialog, which is kind of annoying to see “…………” in a lot of places.

Overall it is a cute game that has the right amount of questing and story to it. The world doesn’t feel overwhelming, which is good with the amount of back and forth, but it also doesn’t feel super tiny and restricting. There is no gore in the game with the fighting, which is suitable for a younger audience, which I think this game plays well too.

Would I repurchase this, knowing what I know now? No, I wouldn’t buy it for myself. The game is something I would purchase for my kid. I could set them on the computer next to me, and I don’t have to worry about the content. Definitely family-friendly. And because I liked it enough, I will be watching for a good sale on Cat Quest II for my kid to try.

Game: Cat Quest

Developer: The Gentlebros

Publisher: PQube Limited

Initial Release Date: August 8, 2017

Knowing what I know now, would I repurchase it? Not for myself, but for my kid.

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