Artistic Rendition of Boddynock by Shelia Guerrero

While gaming, I have met a lot of new and exciting people. Many of which have become friends over the years. One friend, Boddynock, is not only an excellent gamer but a fantastic writer, storytellers, and blogger. Over the years, I have waited patiently and sometimes not patiently for when he puts out his next chapter in one of his current works. He posts many of his stories on Wattpad. It is a great community to find other great writers of any genre and fan fiction.

He writes in several different genres, but my favorite is the adventure stories in a fantasy setting. If you get to read his stories, you may even notice a familiar name. I really couldn’t be more honored to have a few of my character’s names used in his Caves of Chaos series. He also has some great stories that would be more in the realm of science fiction and steampunk like Raygun Heights and Club Moderne.

When he is not gaming or writing chapter stories, he also enjoys blogging on several different topics. I really appreciate his character creation, single-player campaigns, and faction write ups on his blog. The worlds and universes he creates really keep me waiting for more.

I hope others enjoy his works as much as I do!

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