Big Pharma

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Keeping with a medical theme, I tried out Big Pharma. I had this game for some time and did give it like 15 minutes in the past before dropping it, but as part of the blog, I need to provide it with a full 3 hours.

Big Pharma is a tycoon game with a supply chain management aspect to some degree. You must get raw materials, process them in different ways, and create a final product. All the final products are different kinds of drugs for medical purposes. You have two types of effects on each cure you produce, the treatment itself as well as the side effects. Cue any pharmaceutical commercial ever watched, and this is the “fine print.”

The game gives you a lot of options to chose from to start the game, and I like my standard process with any game, I start with the tutorial. The tutorials are wordy. There is too much reading that was not always accurate to what was seen on the screen.

I wish they were less of a wall of text and more like a checklist, you get marked off as you take the necessary steps. I can see how some rather not have this hand-holding experience, but I rather not have to read a novel to know what I should be doing.

I completed all the tutorials and started my first beginner tutorial. I would have assumed the very first one would be the ‘easiest’ as is the case with most games. I had a couple of competitors right that seem to take over right away. I found myself in the red pretty quickly. Every time I got something set up or researched, it was already obsolete. I found this very frustrating and had to walk away after the first hour.

I had dinner and came back to try again. I did the tutorial a second time to see what I missed. I found it even harder to read everything the second time and ended up just copying the pictures. This is not the sign of a good tutorial. So, I went to guides on Steam. I try not ever to do this when working on a game run for a blog since I don’t want to introduce any other bias, but it was the only way not to find myself hitting uninstall.

I found a general tips and tricks guide written by OrioN that gave some helpful information. It is here if you are interested. It did help get at least started on the first challenge. I ignored my competitors to worry about making revenue with my first product. This was all fine and dandy until I needed to research another ingredient. Then right back into the red. All of this gets annoying and frustrating. After going negative, I finally got stable to where I was making four items for less than $100 profit today.

This was making it crazy long to reach the revenue goal for the game. Even on fast forward, I got bored, so I was thrilled when I finally hit my three-hour mark.

I couldn’t get into this game and enjoy it. It is just enjoyable for me. Knowing what I know now, I would not repurchase this game.

Game: Big Pharma

Developer: Twice Circled

Publishers: Postiech Games

Initial Release Date: August 27, 2015

Knowing what I know now, would I repurchase it? No way.

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