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Note: You will want to use a controller for this game.

Immediately, you are dumped into the middle of some story, and if you are even remotely wondering if that is actually the case, the narrator tells you. There is one aspect of this game that is always present, and always welcomed, the rough and gruff voice of the narrator Logan Cunningham. But he is more than just a narrator, but a storyteller. He tells you about the world that was, the world that is, and with glimpses of the world that can be.

If the narrator is not enough to hold your attention, after all, you are here to play a game, you are drawn into this world that literally appears before you, falling into place in a romantic fashion even while being all torn, broken, and disorganized. The world can also disappear as quickly as it came as you move among it. The graphics are beautiful and unique and largely destructible. You are encouraged to break things, to find ways down short hidden alleys to come across new weapons, mementos, and crafting supplies.

As you move through the world that once was, you take back with you to the Bastion the buildings that you will need. And what we all need is a tavern, complete with some of the best liquors and spirits that can be found. Each having their own taste, smell, and of course special effect. The narrator is all too happy to tell you about it.

Werewhiskey, I wonder if it is like regular Whiskey?

Now the story was not finished by the time I wrote this post, but it was still inviting the whole way. It does get a bit repetitive with the fighting and core gathering, but I never felt bored. How can I? I had an awesome companion along to tell me about things the whole time. I know I am hung up on the narration, but realistically, the game wouldn’t be that good without it.


I do highly recommend this game for anyone that likes good narration, action, hack and slash, or RPG games. It is hard to believe this game is already eight years old. I wish I played it sooner, but I am still completely enamored with it now.

But I also do not think it is too hack and slash that it couldn’t be considered family-friendly. There is an easy mode for basically unlimited attempts which may be good for younger players. And while there are the whole fighting aspects, it is basically mashing buttons with no gore. I’ve mentioned this in other posts that I think there aren’t enough of these out there. Game: Bastion

Developer: Supergiant Games

Publisher: Supergiant Games

Initial Release Date: August 16, 2011

Review: Recommend

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