Ancestors Legacy

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Wow, so that was kind of a long hiatus from the blog! But not from gaming. I just spent the last few months wholly absorbed in Witcher 3. I highly recommend that game!

But now that I came up for air, I have decided to try one of my other games. At this moment, I have 340 games I haven’t written a blog about, so I just closed my eyes and pointed at my monitor. It landed on Ancestors Legacy.

I have not heard of this game, so I probably got it in one of my Humble Monthly. The initial cut scenes had me thinking it was an RPG, but that is not the case. This is a squad management game with some base building and resource management elements.

The tutorial does a great job of introducing these elements of the game. It didn’t feel like a lot of tutorials that are a type of point, click, and hit okay through the boxes. I forgot I was playing a tutorial until I completed it and got my congratulations.

My initial impressions during the tutorial were that I do not care for the fact I couldn’t seem to redirect my squads once they were engaged or get them to focus on a specific target. Archers are the prime example. I want to peel them off and get them to focus on other enemy groups in the back but could not seem to get them to listen to me.

Resources and Abilities

The other thing tutorial does not teach you about are the abilities of the different unit types or that you can upgrade your units. This is probably only an annoyance to someone that is new to the genre as these are pretty common aspects of these types of games.

I do feel like as soon as you get into the story, which is a continuation of the tutorial, just takes the kid gloves come off. I will admit I did a restart of the level after I spread myself thin, not realizing how aggressive the Britons will be in defending their Abby. I didn’t break any records with how long it took me to take down Lindisfarne, but I got through it. I will, for some, or most, it could happen faster, but I like to get everything and max out everything. So, I had to get all the camps, upgrade everything, and expand everything. This takes time, but once done, the primary battle was a breeze. However, it was after completing this first ‘main story’ act that brought me to my first three hours of the game.

Zoomed In Graphics

Now the graphics are decent for the type of game it is. You can zoom in, and things look great, but from a tactical standpoint, I couldn’t play the game like that. I prefer seeing a lot more of the area at a time. This doesn’t give you complete visibility. You still have a ring of sight of what you can see and what others can see. There are even ways to hide, which you learn early on. This makes the game more strategic. The music was excellent, and I appreciate the voice acting in the game. It wasn’t as Nordic or Viking-ish as I have seen in other games, but still done well.

Now since I didn’t formally buy this game, it was part of a humble monthly, I would say the price at the time of writing this is steep at USD 34.99. Of course, I always say to wait until games are on sale, who wants to pay full price? But it would have to be a good one, like 50% for me to by it again knowing what I know now. I did absolutely enjoy playing it for the roughly 4 hours that I did, but honestly, I probably won’t continue playing it. I really think people that enjoy squad control RTS games would like this one, and the story is cool if you like Vikings. Just not my favorite genre. Game: Ancestors Legacy

Developer: Destructive Creations

Publishers: 1C Entertainment

Initial Release Date: May 22, 2018

Knowing what I know now, would I repurchase it? Probably

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