Adam's Venture Origins

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Adam's Venture Origins is a story adventure game with a lot of puzzles. Kind of an Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider style. I generally do not finish these types of games, but I did finish this one.

The graphics are decent but the movements can be a bit clunky. The puzzles range from really easy to pretty challenging if you are not a person that enjoys puzzles. Even the background music was well placed for some suspenseful moments. There is not any fighting in this game, which is kind of nice for this style game, in my opinion, as it leaves the focus on the story. However, you can still die a lot if you don't time your jumps well.

The story feels like you are back like the 1920s period and kind of following this Freemasons meets Templars story or something similar. I won't go further than that since the story is the game. The story was interesting enough that I kept going until the end before writing this blog. But then, I was disappointed.

I finished the game in roughly five hours, including every Steam achievement. That is short for a game. So I really wouldn't buy this game unless it is in some kind of Humble Bundle or cheap sale. Even then, I found the end of the story sudden and disappointing. Like it is ramping up and just...ends. Like really? There is so much more this game could have done. Now, it does say this is Origins so maybe there are more stories to go along with this.


Google says no, there isn't. Leaving me even more disappointed. Frankly, I was really excited to write this blog until the end. Not to say that if you want a quick story game and enjoy puzzles not to buy it, but just don't spend a lot on it.

100% Achievement Completion!

Game: Adam's Venture: Origins

Developer: Vertigo Games

Publisher: SOEDESCO Publishing

Initial Release Date: April 1, 2016

Review: Meh, sure if you can get it cheap.

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