Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Persefani with her random gear in Absolver.

Disclaimer: I am trying this game without watching or reading any guides, walkthroughs, etc. I have only watched the videos and screenshots on the Steam Store.

So today I installed Absolver. I honestly don't know how I got this but my guess is probably a Humble Bundle. Thanks to Steam's licensing and product key activation list, I can at least see I added it back in March of 2019. Only relevance with that is the game has been out for almost two years before I tried this game.

Now, I was not looking forward to playing this game. While you get to know me, you will find I am more of a traditional RPG, Simulation, or Strategy gamer. Initial videos and screenshots make this seem way more fast pace for what I enjoy and largely hack n' slash. The steam summary is pretty standard generic MMO, the world went to crap and factions are vying for control. The only thing that stands out as unique here is the fact that everyone is behind a mask.

Initial Load: So first thoughts were that this is nice that there is limited character creation. Sometimes, the number of details that can go into a character that you don't really look at unless from the rear is a bit silly. And face it, most of us are not busy trying to get up and personal with other people's avatars to stair at their purple eyes with cat-eye contacts to even notice. There was a little tutorial which at the time I thought was nice.

1st Hour: Okay so the tutorial is done and come into a largely vacant world. I have no idea what is going on. I wander around and find some guys and beat them up with some mouse button mashing. Find some guys that are like targets to kill and get my rear handed to me. The combat is confusing, to say the least. There were cairns around to get some lot, random guys sometimes drop stuff, and sometimes you just find some laying around that other players must have had dropped off of mobs and didn't pick up themselves. So now I have a full set of near gear that isn't your starting scrubs. Go back to the target mobs. No dice, still get killed. It's official, I am terrible at fighting games. And why can't I find a cool sword?

2nd Hour: So keep running into other players, not a ton, but find out by accident that you can attack them. Whoever it was taking it okay, and probably was like 'noob'. We backed off, they bowed... so there are emotes in the game and off they went. Gameworld is still eerily quiet and I noticed. There is no chat. Now, why it took this long to notice is beyond me but part of me really likes that. I am so tired of the random dumpster fire of partial vocabulary strung together in most online games that this was a pleasant realization. Still, wish I could tell that person sorry for kicking them in the back. But still, have no idea how to play other than smashing some mouse buttons. And even with non-basic, I think, gear, still can't kill these target guys.

3rd Hour: Well, I made it the three hours and in three hours I never was able to figure out what the game was or how to play. Not a game for me, but it is a neat combat game that lets you pick your combat sequence. Even after three hours, I ran across less than two dozen people. I am thinking once you pass all these initial targets maybe you make it to the main world? Total guess. It is a unique martial art type fighting, even when you find a weapon, they break after a bit, so nothing feels over-powered, you just have to know your moves and how to combo them.

While this game is not for me, I would still recommend it to people that like hand-to-hand type fighting games to try. I didn't seem anything overly crazy about the game like glitchy graphics, lag, etc. to say not to try it if you are into that type of game.

Game: Absolver

Developer: Sloclap*

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Initial Release Date: August 29, 2017

Review: Recommend, but not for me.

*Not sure why, but I find that name for a company pretty awesome.

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