Updated: Dec 5, 2020

First Run on Bass Cannon

WARNING: You will need a controller to play this game.

I installed this game before I realized it had to have a controller to play. So after digging through my office closet to no avail, I had to order one off of Amazon. I didn't get a fancy or expensive one by any means. Just one to do the job since I prefer a keyboard and mouse. The link will take you to the one I got, which worked perfectly fine for this game if you need a controller.

So the game...I hope you like trance/house music. At least I think that is what this genre is called because the entire point of the game is to follow and help the music. As you follow the line the music plays better, the singer is audible and the music clear. Go off the line and you will see why the point is to follow the line. I can listen to almost any kind of music so I could handle this. A few songs are even going to make it to my Spotify playlist. Speaking of which, before you pick up the game, take a listen to the soundtrack. It may help persuade you or deter you. I linked the Spotify playlist here. I am sure you can find it on YouTube or somewhere else as well, I just prefer the Spotify medium.

So following the line is not as easy as you'd think. The line follows the change in pitch in the song or singer so it can be kind of a bumpy ride. Once you get the hang of that, they will throw in some other random stuff like walls, closing walls, grates, and gates right in front of you to avoid as well. And you know those calm parts of songs, well you won't have a line to follow, you have like mechanical bug things to shoot down or they will shoot you down. Now for giggles, let's mix that all together with a sprinkle of bosses on top.

So while it kind of starts out like this follow the pattern Rock Band game, it does throw in a bunch of other elements to keep it interesting. But like Rock Band, you do have to earn stars for having good accuracy on the song to unlock other songs. There are also like a half dozen add-on packs of other music or spaceship options to add to the game if you enjoy the sounds track and follow the pattern type games.

Game: Aaero

Developer: Mad Fellows

Publisher: Mad Fellows

Initial Release Date: January 5, 2018

Review: Recommend

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