911 Operator

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Promoted to Chicago Operations

After my last game, I installed something that seemed a little more my speed in terms of games I normally played. 911 Operator is a simulation management style game where you have to manage emergency services of police, firemen, and ambulances. You have regular emergencies that come in as well as having to take 911 calls to determine what services are needed, if any at all.

Initial Load: There is a little tutorial on how to play the game. But what was unique is that it determined what city was closest to me and let me choose if I wanted to play the map. Well, of course, I said yes. It was an accurate map, down to where the police stations, fire stations, and hospitals were. That was pretty neat.

1st Hour: The first hour flew by. I played a few shifts in my local city. Loved how it uses real addresses. The 911 calls are also interesting as you get some silly ones that you may have heard about in the news or even on memes. It does feel like each day gets harder with the number of calls and I quickly feel like I don't have enough equipment. Getting more equipment wasn't covered in the tutorial but someone familiar with these style games could pick it up pretty easy.

2nd Hour: For hour two, I followed the career portion of the game. You have to have a positive reputation after each shift to continue forward. After a few shifts that ended positively, you can be promoted to a new city. Obviously, this means it gets progressively harder to help everyone. The novelty seems to start to wear off of just matching units to dots.

3rd Hour: Not sure what happened, it was if the game sensed it was too easy. I go from boring speeding cases and house fires to full-on earthquake in San Francisco, which I was poorly equipped for, to gang fights in Chicago. Now you can equip your people with equipment, but it is kind of pricey until you get a few shifts under you with some money so the struggle is real on some of these scenarios. But I must say, it is a good simulation management game.

There are a few DLC packs for the game that if you can get on sale would be nice additions that will add like search and rescue and riot scenarios. I think without any DLCs the game interest could dry up quickly.

I would recommend this game to people that like these kinds of simulations. I will definitely be playing the game for more than just three hours.

Game: 911 Operator

Developer: Jutsu Games

Publisher: Games Operators, PlayWay S.A.

Initial Release Date: August 29, 2017

Review: Highly Recommend

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