60 Parces

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

My First Play-through

60 Parsecs is supposedly very similar if not the same as 60 seconds. I haven't played that game so I cannot confirm that. This game puts you on a space station that is about to be blown up. You have 60 seconds to get everything you can, including crew mates, into the escape shuttle. Once you escape, you have to find a place to land and I assume survive.

1st Hour: The game just throws you into running around. You can only grab so much at a time to get to the escape pod. I do think it is cleaver that bigger things, obviously, take more of a persons hands and arms to hold. So I could carry more soup cans than some big box of crating materials. I really had no clue what to grab so I didn't start with very much soup and only grabbed one crew mate. I will learn the error of my ways.

2nd Hour: So I escaped, only bringing Tom with me. You get a summary each day and then a computer task at minimum before you can change the days. Even though we were not hungry, I fed us anyways. Oh precious soup, how I will miss thee. After a week or so the computer found a place that seemed safe to land on. I patched some stuff together with the landing gear and crashed landed. There goes the only first aid kit I brought. Now things do seem completely random that happen each day and you have choices to make....most of the time. If you slack like me in stocking your ship, you can't do anything but ignore the situation at times. However, I can finally start to send Tom out to explore the planet. Thank goodness, he finds soup! But sadly he is injured and a bit crazy. At least I can craft a first aid kit and a sock to help him be less crazy. This time. The next time, not so much. Tom dies and I am left to slowly parish because I can't go explore. Luckily the day the pirates came to take over my ship, I died so I can't be held accountable. 59 Days..

3rd Hour: The third hour starts with me starting over. But now I have options. I can start with a random selection of stuff, do some missions, or do the whole thing with gathering for my escape pod. I chose to do the whole thing, but now I am seasoned professional (yeah right) in knowing what to grab for the escape pod. Except 60 seconds is not a lot of time when there is stuff everywhere! Don't these people ever clean! So, while I ended up playing a little longer than three hours, I still perished on the 74th day.

I would recommend this game, it was fun and quirky. I especially liked the cockroach family that moved in with me the second go around. Although the game (as of writing this) is $14.99 on Steam, I would still wait for it to go on sale, hence my * on my recommend below. I think this is more of if you can get it on sale or in a Humble Bundle. Biggest reason for waiting to get it on the cheap, is that I think once you complete a session successfully, the game would be hard press to have a reason to continue playing.

Game: 60 Parsecs

Developer: Robot Gentleman

Publisher: Robot Gentleman

Initial Release Date: September 18, 2018

Review: Recommend*

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