Updated: Dec 20, 2019

No, I am not going to be talking about the area code for Denver, Colorado. Nor am I going to be talking about the Roland TB-303 Bassline Synthesizer.

303 is the total number of games I currently have tied to my Steam account, not including any games I have hidden because they are defunct. This doesn't include any ROM games or games tied to other game launchers I have like Uplay, Bethesda.net, Battle.net, or Arc. There are also the alpha and beta games floating around to. I will say I have finally parted with all my games on CDs. My current gaming rig doesn't even have a CD/DVD player. Just really no need with the these launchers and streaming capabilities of games. Now, I can just about guarantee that 303 number will grow in probably a week or two. I mean I was at just 298 yesterday, thanks Monthly Humble Bundle! But why do I even mention the 303 if it is just, undoubtedly, going to change? Well because it is the basis for starting this blog. I get games because I judge the cover, a quick video or screenshot or the worst offender... the great bundle or sales deals! But generally don't actually play most of them. So this blog is going to be my journey through each of my games where I Just Play 3 Hours. This isn't just a blog name, but me telling myself to play all these great and not so great games I own in this very large library of mine.

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